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F    o     u     n     d     a     t     i     o     n

Our Mission

The Kaipuwai Foundation is a non-profit organization that perpetuates Hawaiian ancestral knowledge, philosophies, and practices that are grounded in the primal hula traditions of Kaua`i.  Established to ensure the continuation of the rich legacy bestowed by the late hula master, Helen Kaipuwai Kekua Waiau, its mission is to inspire and serve  communities near and far, through hula, Hawaiian music and culture.   


is a name that was given to Mrs. Waiau upon her birth.  She shared this name with other relatives who were hula masters and priests descended from the ancestral taproot of Naoi and Kumukamali`i.  With generations of `ohana born, raised and buried in Wahiawa on Kaua`i Island, they were intimately associated with the traditional hula seminaries of Ka Ulu A Lono, Ke`olewa, and Ka Ulu a Paoa.

Literally, Kaipuwai is a water gourd...a vessel that was used to hold, store and transport fresh, life giving water.   Symbolically, the contents held within this precious container represent wisdom, knowledge, health, healing, sacred duty, and more.  As such, those who received the name at birth were destined to be both the steward of the iconic water gourd, as well as, the master source who was resposible for disseminating hula knowledge in the immediate, and extended family.   

Our Vision

To create a nexus for cultural programs, scholarships and meaningful opportunities that foster the regeneration of formally trained hula practitioners and teachers well into the future.  The Kaipuwai Foundation works in tandem with Studio HA`A, as well as Halau Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai to bring cultural programs and learning opportunities to the community. 


A traditional hula school established on Kaua`i in 1945 by the late hula master, Helen Kaipuwai Kekua Waiau

PO Box 548  Anahola, Kaua`i, HI 96703


t:  808-720-8494

Based at the Anahola Marketplace at the 12.5 mile marker

in Anahola on Kūhiō Highway. 

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