A traditional hula school established on Kaua`i in 1945 by the late hula master, Helen Kaipuwai Kekua Waiau

Open Enrollment to register to the halau for formal training and study in all aspects of hula and Hawaiian culture are usually available in the months of January and July.  Prospective students interested in visiting the halau for any one of our free trial classes are welcome on Mondays at 5pm for ages 13 to kupuna, and Tuesdays at 3pm for keiki ages 5 to 12 years old.

Please email us at studioHAA.kauai@gmail.com, call us at 808.346.7575 if you are interested in attending a trial class.  You can also reach us via messenger on our Facebook page @studioHAA or by emailing to studioHAA.kauai@gmail.com.

Listed below is the open enrollment and trial class schedule being offered on Monday and

Tuesdays.  First 2 trial classes are free.  Semester I classes begin in the first week of February

and Semester II classes begin in the first week of August.

Please visit the Studio HA`A page for other classes and courses in Hawaiian Chant and Protocol.



4558 Kukui Street  Kapa`a, Kaua`i, HI 96746

e:  studioHAA.kauai@gmail.com

t:  808.346.7575

Conveniently located .25 mile from the Kapa`a

Bypass Roundabout, Skatepark & Athletic Complex